Bitter Gourd Seeds (Karela)

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No. of Seeds : APPROX. 20 TO 25 SEEDS

The seeds have a successful germination rate of over 75%, the seeds in the packet can be used for several sowings. Follow the sowing instructions on the back of the packet.

The seeds can be grown in all seasons through the year, other than in frost. Start germinating your seeds indoors in warm well-lit rooms.
Germination : 6-8 DAYS
Germinate your seeds indoors in seedling cups in a mix of cocopeat and compost and place it in a well-ventilated area. Follow the sowing instructions at the back of the packet
Harvest IN 50-60 DAYS
The approximate number of days it takes from sowing of seeds and successful germination to the time you can harvest it. PS: All other growing conditions need to be met.
Bitter gourd or karela may taste bitter but it has too many health benefits.  Bitter Gourd, commonly known as Karela in India is a unique tropical vine grown for its edible vegetable. Buy the best Quality Bitter Gourd Hybrid Seeds Online at the best price in India.