Cow Dung Manure Fertilizers for Plants & Home Gardening

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Cow Manure is an excellent fertilizer rich in organic matter that helps to improve aeration and the breaking up of compact soils. It is developed from composted cow dung of the Indian Desi cow and is incredibly rich with beneficial bacteria that convert soil nutrients into readily available forms for the tender plant.
  • Cow dung manure for plants. It is best organic fertilizers for home plants.
  • Best quality & highly effective compost manure for home & garden plants.
  • It is 100% natural & organic with no mixing of any other substances.
  • Superior porosity with consistent powdered texture, Supports organic principles and enriches soil
  • Fine textured dried Cow Dung Powder. Contains microbial bio-stimulants to enhance disease resistance and establish beneficial microflora.

1. For All Ornamental & Indoor Plants
250gm-300gm per plant in 14-inch pot once in 30 days.
2. For All Flowering & Outdoor Plants
300gm-350gm per plant in 14-inch pot once in 30 days.
3. For Kitchen Garden Plants
200gm-300gm per plant in 14-inch pot once in 30 days.