Gaedening Khurpi 3 Inch

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Gardening Khurpi-3Inch is perfect for maintaining healthy soil and an attractive garden. It is made of high-quality steel which makes it durable. It is easy to handle and lightweight, making it easy to use. The rubber grip on the handle ensures a good grip and prevents slipping. The metal parts of the Gardening khurpi are Orange coated for protection from rust. This versatile gardening tool can be used for weeding, digging & loosening soil,  and aerating the soil.
  • Material: Export-quality stainless steel, bend-proof Khurpi. Metal parts are Orange powder coated for corrosion and rust protection. It is compact and comes with a black handle and Orange blade combination.
  • Components: The package consists of 1 metal Gardening Khurpi.
  • Features: Essential gardening tools for home use or heavy-duty and professional use with an ergonomic handle for planting applications. This garden tool is specially designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue while removing weeds.
  • Benefits: Gardening Khurpi, produced with export-quality special stainless steel, is designed to provide the great grip and long-life service. Easy to use, portable with long life. Use this for loosening and aerating the soil, digging, weeding, and transplanting in your dream garden!
  • Use Case: The quality of the product will have you love Gardening more than ever before. The grip eases the process of preparing the soil for your plants and seeds and can be used for transplanting green plants. It also can be used as a shovel for small gardens to loosen the soil for small flower pots. This agricultural tool can be used for terrace gardening.