Organic Bone Meal Powder Fertilizer for Plants - 1 Kg

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Organic bone meal fertilizer increase the phosphorus content in potting soil. Essential for better and bigger blooms when applied directly to the soil and very important for a good harvest of vegetables and fruits. Bone meal promotes good soil microbes and also helps promote root growth and ensure healthier plants.

  • We all know that calcium makes for healthy bones. So with bone meal fertilizers, you know you’ve got plenty for your plants.Phosphorus and calcium are two nutrients that are extremely important for your vegetable garden. This will give you better and healthier yields from vegetables like tomatoes, zucchinis, and peppers.For indoor plants, calcium also promotes new growth in roots and stems.
  • Compost and manure are good soil amendments, but they are often high in nitrogen and low in other nutrients.What your plants need from the soil is a balance with nutrients not overpowering each other. Adding bone meal helps attain that balance for your garden to grow.
  • From an organic gardening point of view, bone meal fertilizer improves the soil structure.What we need is a high concentration of beneficial soil microbes. The presence of this makes the soil more nutritious and fertile for plants to grow strong roots. And this kind of health speeds up growth and strengthens the root systems.

Take A Big Spoon 100gm-150gm Of Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer From The Packet And Mix It With The Soil In 12-Inch Pot.